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Lockdown and Beyond

Taking it Back

Vector graphics are made from points , lines , curves based on math formulas. This is the basic definition but if we take the words ‘vector graphics’ out , we get a definition of how to build a classical painting. During covid I completed 3 Adobe associate exams in illustrator, photoshop and In-design.

Since my work with graphics in illustrator and photoshop,vectors and pixels started to filter into my paintings, I didn’t want to stop this but incorporate it and I felt in many ways it was coming home. In many ways retaking it’s place in back paintings, enhanced by organic pigments, oil , machine made aerosols autonomous mark-making.
That is brief description on the process I have employed in this body of work.
The subject matter of the work draws elements from memories, old photographs, reoccurring personal symbolic figures.
By drawing on contradicting processes, pastiches of images, mixing of styles from the personal to cool.
Taking it back is journey through image making , taken notes from one point and dropping them to another.

The Seeker, mixed paint on canvas, 128x84cm
Glad day/guitar player, screen print and mixed paint on canvas, 210x84cm
A1M1, mixed paint on canvas, 160x60cm

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